SLAMpeg 5526: Zoey Skye vs Chico Adams

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SpiderZoey is perched atop the corner turnbuckles as Chico threatens that ‘playtime is over’ from inside the ring below. Zoey unleashes a frenzied attack with leaping Dropkicks, jumping DDTs and Monkey Flips that send the cocky Chico flying across the ring! SpiderZoey plants Adams in the canvas with a Bulldog, blasts him with a Lungblower and lands a devastating Frog Splash but can’t seem to put the brute down for the 3 count.

Chico overcomes SpiderZoey’s web shooters, charging at her like a Rhino with a running Clothesline, crushing her in a Bearhug and impaling her on his knee with a backbreaker drop! SpiderZoe demonstrates heroic stamina as Chico delivers haymaker punches, Powerslams, Chokeslams and Spinebusters to break both her body and spirit.

Despite the methodical battering she takes at Chico’s hands, SpiderZoey refuses to give up and lashes out with a series of kicks, stunning the villain before laying him out with an Enzuigiri that sends him crashing to the canvas! Can SpiderZoey fight her way to victory or will the treacherous Chico prove too strong a nemesis?

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SLAMpeg 5526: Zoey Skye vs Chico Adams

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