SLAMpeg 5259: Ava Everett vs Kiera Hogan

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Ava loudly calls out Kiera for a match and the challenge is quickly met. The talking doesn't stop there though leading to Ava landing a power move out of nowhere to steal a 3 count! Kiera demands a rematch, one with no DQ rules and 2 falls needed to win. The stage is set for a dramatic duel... but Ava connects with her impact finisher again for another pin. This definitely isn't going how Kiera expected it to.

With essentially zero rules, Ava is free to batter Kiera outside of the ring. She crushes her with a chair shot to the gut, then sits Kiera down on it before taking a lap around the ring to build momentum for a spectacular running kick. That wakes Kiera up and after making Ava eat a face-full of ring post, she gets the fight back to the ring, chair and Kendo Stick in tow. Kiera goes to town on Ava's leg with a variety of attacks, a strategy that does not go unanswered as Ava fires back even as she's reduced to a hobble.

Once Ava gets the Kendo Stick, it's her turn to clobber Kiera's limbs. Kiera tries to leave the ring when she realizes Ava has a screw loose, but there's plenty more action to come. Kendo Stick shots are traded, limbs continue to be attacked, and you can be sure that the steel chair is put to good use. By the end, you'll find yourself chanting, "SHE'S HARDCORE" for both of these extreme wrestlers, though only one can claim a clear victory after landing a series of finishers.

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SLAMpeg 5259: Ava Everett vs Kiera Hogan

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