SLAMpeg 5469: Sofia Castillo vs Tracy Taylor

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There's a mutual display of respect between Sofia and Tracy, ahead of this first time match-up. And a quick break of hold when Tracy has Sofia against the turnbuckle suggests the absence of a referee will not be an issue in this contest, as indeed proves to be case in the opening minutes of the action.

Very evenly matched, the two wrestlers exchange and counter holds, constantly jockeying for position. Headlocks, armbars, straightjacket holds, leglocks and more are on show here as the match maintains it's very even split. However, perhaps with experience comes a little more ruthlessness. It's Tracy that changes the tone of the match, by using a handful of Sofia's hair to gain the advantage.

From this point on, there's a more vicious streak to Tracy's tactics, including more hairpulling, stretching Sofia in the ropes and she even uses a claw hold to the nose to exert more pressure on a painful hold! Victory comes when Tracy rides a Surfboard facecrusher all the way to the 1-2-3.

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SLAMpeg 5469: Sofia Castillo vs Tracy Taylor

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