SLAMpeg 5561: Miss Rachel vs Shazza McKenzie

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Shazza is the third and final competitor in the Miss Rachel Open Challenge, where a 10 count is needed to attain victory. But Rachel is somewhat offended that the challenge is in fact also a bet between Shazza and her friends to see who gets bought dinner at Denny's. Shazza defends the bet and Denny's before trying to surprise Rachel with a kick. Bad mistake, as Rachel pulls Shazza into a painful-looking split. It's the start of an extended squash, with Rachel dominating throughout the match.

Rachel works over McKenzie's back and midsection, beating her from pillar to post in the process. Shazza endures kicks, Headbutts, chokeholds, and more before Miss Rachel stands on her chest! After a Bodyslam and an earthquake splash, Shazza miraculously kicks out, shocking Rachel. But all Shazza does is delay the inevitable. Rachel follows up with a double-arm facebuster, yet another splash, and a Tombstone Piledriver that still only earns her a count of 5. Shazza's neck is in bad shape after that, so Rachel is kind enough to do some chiropractic cracks on her. Not sure if a neck is supposed to bend that way, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless.

At this point Shazza is pulling herself up by the ring ropes, but Rachel is not done just yet. She spikes McKenzie into the mat with a Piledriver before nailing her with no less than 4 Banzai Drops, one from each corner! The 10 count is academic now, and while Shazza doesn't look like much of a winner after this onslaught, she still gets treated to Denny's afterward as fellow Aussies Jessica Troy and Frankie B pick her off the mat.

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SLAMpeg 5561: Miss Rachel vs Shazza McKenzie

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