SLAMpeg 707: Angel Williams vs Kristin Astara

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Angel quickly takes control in this Best of 3 Falls contest against Astara. With Angel exuding a typical lack of modesty about her own abilities, it soon becomes clear that this is not going to be one of Kristin's better days.

The first round is all Angel, as Kristin is subjected to a Sleeper, Neckbreaker, Camel Clutch, Suplex, bodyscissors, as well well as being repeatedly choked and encountering Angel's "knees of steel". And Angel's attitude to the rules is best summed up when she asks the referee "Why don't you let me do what I wanna do?" Despite defiantly kicking out of numerous pin-attempts, Kristin is finally pinned for the First Fall after an unstoppable Superkick from Angel which nearly takes her head off!

Were this a Hollywood movie, this would be the moment that Kristin mounts an inspiring comeback. Unfortunately, someone forgot to give Angel the script and Round 2 begins much as Round 1 ended with Kristin once again firmly on the receiving end of Angel's relentless assault. A brutal DDT eventually gives one wrestler the Second Fall.

But is it the start of an unlikely comeback or the final act of a supremely dominant display?

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SLAMpeg 707: Angel Williams vs Kristin Astara

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