SLAMpeg 5527: Miss Rachel vs The Convict

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This highly unusual match is scheduled for 1 Fall. Miss Rachel squares off against the masked and mysterious Convict. He does remind of someone, but he never unmasks so any guessing is pointless. The Convict gets checked for illegal objects before the match, which is probably for the best given his track record.

The Convict shows some excellent technical wrestling expertise early on, going toe to toe with Miss Rachel. He must have picked up some serious skills in jail! But Rachel is as determined as she is strong. The Convict tries several times, but can't knock Rachel down with shoulder tackles. Rachel on the other hand manages to drop her criminal opponent with a tackle of her own. She proceeds to drop a leg on his arm, but Convict counters into an armbar. Rachel briefly battles back after an exchange of forearms, until Convict boots Rachel in the face and drops her with a huge Clothesline for a close 2 count.

The Convict presses his advantage with a sidekick and a kneelift until Miss Rachel turns the tables with a very, very low Headbutt. Rachel is lucky the ref is lenient or this would have been an obvious DQ. The Convict shows toughness by getting back in the fight, but is in jeopardy when he misses a second-rope fistdrop. That's when Rachel strikes, even managing to Suplex the big Convict! In the end, a Sleeperhold renders one of these competitors unconscious for the win.

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SLAMpeg 5527: Miss Rachel vs The Convict

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