SLAMpeg 5528: Chelsea Durden vs Heather Monroe

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Heather is happily snapping some selfies when Chelsea smacks her with a baseball bat out of nowhere! She scoops Heather up in her arms and repeatedly smashes her spine-first into the ring posts and wall. Once in the ring, Chelsea mounts Heather and punches way at the supposed diva and then attacks her selfie-taking arm. Chelsea is going to make sure her message is received.

She brutalizes Heather with multiple Bodyslams and long grueling holds that give her plenty of time to lecture Heather and accuse her of emphasizing beauty over wrestling ability. Heather flails helplessly as she's yanked back in a Chinlock and mercilessly bounced over Chelsea's knee while trapped in Backbreakers over and over again.

You'll watch in awe as Chelsea repeatedly carries Heather around the ring before slamming her down. There's plenty of lift-and-carry action here to show Chelsea's dominance. Heather is overwhelmed and KO'd, but that doesn't stop Chelsea from picking her trophy up over her shoulders and carrying her around some more. Finally, she ends this ridiculously one-sided beatdown with a devastating Implant Buster. All that's left is for Chelsea to put Heather up on her shoulders one more time and help her out of the building...

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SLAMpeg 5528: Chelsea Durden vs Heather Monroe

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