SLAMpeg 5468: Bashley Bones vs Frankie B

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Bashley and Frankie B methodically open this 1 Fall Match with Headlocks, armbars and reverses, before Frankie takes down Bashley and applies an Anklelock, then sits down and turns it into a one-legged Boston Crab.

Following a rope break, Frankie gets in a cheap shot after offering a handshake, then works over Bashley in the corner with shoulderblocks and slams into the turnbuckles. A Suplex earns Frankie a 2 count, and when Bashley tries to battle back, a leg sweep and a running elbow to the face puts Bashley on her back for another 2 count. Bashley bounces back, though, and applies a double Chickenwing, delivers shoulderblocks in the corner, and hits a Suplex of her own for a 1 count on Frankie.

Frankie reverses an Irish Whip, then delivers a running Clothesline in the corner followed by a short-arm Clothesline for a 2 count. Bashley responds with a Boston Crab as the two go back and forth, but when one grappler misses a Clothesline off the ropes, her opponent locks in a reverse Dragon Sleeper that turns out the lights and secures a victory.

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SLAMpeg 5468: Bashley Bones vs Frankie B

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