SLAMpeg 5564: Jessica Troy vs Miss Rachel

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After making Vegemite out of Frankie B (SLAMpeg 5463) Miss Rachel is pleasantly surprised to see another Aussie has bravely answered her “Squash Rules Challenge” and even more surprising Jessica seems happy about it!

Surprises aren’t over for Rachel as the “Arm Collector” actually tries to go on the offensive with Rachel fending off the resourceful Aussie until she literally backs her into a corner. With Troy’s offense disarmed for the moment Rachel wastes little time getting down to the squash portion of the challenge with an implant buster scoring a decisive 3 count. Of course she still needs a 5 and a 10 and Jessica seems determined to prolong her own agony leaving Rachel somewhat perplexed. But during a grueling stomach claw Jessica lets it slip the Aussie’s have a bet for the ultimate prize…free Denny’s and even if they all lose, one of them wins. This hijacking of her “Squash Rules Challenge” does not sit well with Rachel but she also seems to have a soft spot for Troy, stretching out the 2nd fall with several punishing submissions before a Tombstone secures the 5 count.

Knowing now Shazza is still to come and she can end this one pretty much at any time Rachel seems keen on giving Jessica a fighting chance at the bet. Can Jessica hang on long enough to win the bet before Rachel puts the squash in “Squash Rules Challenge”?

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SLAMpeg 5564: Jessica Troy vs Miss Rachel

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