SLAMpeg 5255: Dynamite Didi vs Vanity

Slammin Promotions
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Didi loosens up outside the ring before Vanity rushes in to deliver a surprise forearm. The raging WrestleBae blasts Didi with a gut shot and sends her face first into the ring apron before bouncing Didi’s skull off the ring post. Vanity rolls the dazed Didi under the ropes for more punishment using boot chokes, finger rakes and a draining Bearhug before humiliating Didi with a spanking.

Didi finally comes to life and fights back, dropping Vanity with a low blow forearm! She opens up on Vanity with a finger rake and blatant choke to seize the advantage, blasting her tormentor with punches, kicks, and stomps to keep her down. Didi mounts Vanity with a Camel Clutch that eventually secures a submission, but as she celebrates her win Vanity sends a forearm up Broadway that puts Didi down!

A follow up low blow Headbutt takes the fight out of Didi and leaves open for a fish-hooked Camel Clutch as Vanity holds nothing back. Vanity unloads on Didi unchecked until a Sleeperhold and blatant choke leaves Didi out for a victory pose three count to end this brutal encounter.

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SLAMpeg 5255: Dynamite Didi vs Vanity

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