SLAMpeg 705: Hannah Blossom vs Josie

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Despite the difference in experience, Hannah is the one who takes control early in the match, out-grappling the larger Josie. A Dropkick catches Josie flush in the face and before you know it, she's begging off into the ropes. Of course, that's exactly where she wants to be-she leaves a charging Blossom hung up in the ropes before kicking them into her stomach! With the Brit gasping for air, Josie pounds her midsection with heavy boots.

The belly blows continue as Josie lays into her with a Soccer kick and shoulder charges. It looks like she's determined to take Hannah's breath away! A brief flurry by the youngster is halted by a brutal knee that leads to further belly torture. An Abdominal Stretch sends bolts of agony through Hannah's body. Josie is relentless in her hunt for a submission and she slaps on a rib-crunching Bearhug before switching back to a seated Abdominal Stretch.

When Hannah finally gets free, she goes to work fast and hard. A trio of pin attempts put Josie off-balance and Hannah unloads with a rolling Senton and a DDT. The referee's hand hits the mat 3 times, but the match...isn't over?

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SLAMpeg 705: Hannah Blossom vs Josie

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