SLAMpeg 5258: Diamante vs Kellie Morga

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Guest official Rocky Radley is present to ensure the rules are enforced in this 1 fall matchup. On first sight, Diamante seems to be fighting an uphill battle against the taller Kellie, but Diamante displays excellent strategy when she immediately trips Kellie to the mat, where everyone is the same size.

Diamante puts her adversary through Headlocks and Hammerlocks, but Morga is still able to score a near fall after a rollup. That's when Diamante switches her gameplan again, stomping a mudhole in the corner and nearly getting herself disqualified after a boot choke. After a Camel Clutch, Diamante continues her cheating ways when she chokes Kellie across the ring ropes. This seems to light a fire in Kellie. She ducks a Clothesline and responds with two of her own, then hits an armdrag and a splash in the corner.

But is that enough to overcome the aggressive Diamante?

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SLAMpeg 5258: Diamante vs Kellie Morga

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